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Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus)

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Grade: A, B, C

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Length: 3m and up

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Diameter: 30cm +

The color of sycamore hardwood is white to light yellow. It is much lighter than beechwood. The wood is hard, strong and very homogeneous. When moisture levels change, the wood remains relatively stable.

Sycamore is used for furniture, flooring, veneer and special things such as musical instruments, drawer sides and toy production. The wood is easy to impregnate and paint.

EWC is buying sycamore hardwood from several countries in Europe. Most of our sycamore hardwood sourcing comes from Denmark, Germany and France. We can provide all qualities in Sycamore.

Please contact EWC Sales for any special request. All logs are loaded into 40’ containers and shipped CIF.