European Wood Corporation

Oak (Quercus robur)

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Grade: AB / ABC

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Length: 3m and up

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Diameter: 30cm +

The color of oak wood is divided into sapwood and heartwood. The sapwood is light grey, yellow, while the heartwood is grey, yellow to brown colored.

Sapwood is usually cut off in the sawing process. Heartwood is heavy, very hard and strong. From the nature side, the heartwood is impregnated and very durable. This means that oak wood can be used for a lot of different purposes like furniture making, flooring, house and shipbuilding as well as for use where the wood has contact with the ground (poles etc.)

EWC is buying oak from several countries in Europe. Most of our oak sourcing comes from France, Germany and Denmark. We can provide all qualities in Oak.

Please contact EWC Sales for any special request. All logs are loaded into 40’ containers and shipped CIF.